With new years, we all know of resolutions. I used to say I disagreed with the concept - often they’re pushed onto us - things like losing weight, going to the gym. I don’t want to do either. I’m kinda lowkey happy not doing either.

This year though, I did make a resolution. I didn’t do it actively, and, I kind of started it before the new year as well, but, I’m calling it a resolution so I can join in. I’m trying to get onto quieter bits of the internet. the internet I want to use. So many people talk of burnout of social media, and for me, it’s not that - I love the people on places like twitter, and the close friends I don’t see nearly enough I can still talk to on Facebook.

I hate the companies who PUSH things into my eyeballs. I hate the idea that every click, every interaction and every message may be used to build some weird thing about me. I don’t want that. I want to talk to my friends. I love my friends with all my heart.


I describe this commercial internet as the “loud” internet. I use this, because, it’s similar to how I approach the “loud” world. I like being in the “loud” world (I.E parties, clubs, etc…) not because I like the environment, but, I love hanging out with the people in my life I love. I much prefer quiet spaces - chilling with people on my sofa, or, being with a friend in a cafe, both of us reading our own books.

The “loud” internet I describe as places like Facebook, or Twitter. I love being there, because, loved ones! However, quiet spaces? They are so more my jam - spaces where, it’s okay if I take some time for myself, or, work on my own things while having a little off-beat conversation.

My issue with the internet is, even in the past few years, the volume dial has been slowly turned up. Originally I had Tumblr - a space, where, I had my own blog, with people who only knew me by that username was idyllic. A friend then recommended me a site called “Reddit”. I loved it! It was the close community of Tumblr, just, without needing to break through the barrier of needing followers first.

The best bit was talking to people, similar to me, on small subreddits where there would be, maybe, 10 posts a day, if that. Those same spaces now have 100k+ subscribers, and Reddit itself feels a more scary place, with tracking, and it being ever more apparent people who don’t like people like me can and might well be watching my account.

turning it back down

Back to the bit about accidental resolutions - late last year, I had the great idea of starting a blog (that’s this!). It would be MY space, to post project-y things, as well as just my general thoughts.

However, this is all great, but, the quiet internet shouldn’t end at things like blogs. little, peer-to-peer messaging affairs would be so cool! It’s the difference between having to click to load an image (not, a blurred box where an image is) and bright interfaces with self-destroying messages.

I know this is a rambly post, but, over the last month or so I’ve had thoughts about it. I’m also trying to ensure anything on here is also longer, or, justifies being in this fancy place. for the more weird, off the wall stuff, I have an account on now - my page is here (if you are also there, shoot me a message! love talking to people who also use things like this)

stay safe y’all, and, hope you have a quiet and calm 2020.



to my friends

PS: am still going to be using the loud internet, in the same way I still go to parties! Just, if you want to get hold of me, maybe shoot me a text message or a telegram instead of a Facebook message, as I’m trying not to overwhelm myself as much as I did last year.