Like a few others, I run Plex Media Server for me, and close friends + family, and, I also run the absolutely amazing Tautulli server. I’ve messed around with Tautulli’s API in the past, but, never to any good extent. My most used function of Tautulli is actually the graphs, as it lets me see how well used the server is.

Only issue is, you have to open up a web browser, log in, and go to the graphs page every time you want to look at this - we’re in the roaring 20s now, this cannot be.


Enter: Pimoroni’s Inky pHAT

This little e-ink display I’ve used before now to show stats for a Minecraft server, and to show system uptime, and I adore it - the library is fantastic, as it just lets you push an image on it, and it’ll be rendered in fantastic 212x104 resolution, with a whole 3(!) colours.

Sarcasm aside, I’m a big fan of it. It’s a cheap e-ink display with a Python library that’s easy to work with. As such, I thought “how hard could it be?” to get the graph from Tautulli, and put it on my Inky pHAT - after all, Tautulli has an API, and I can pull the data, make a graph in python, and put said graph into an image and show it on the Pi.


Inky pHAT Graph

A few hours later, and, tautulli-inkyphat is on GitHub. It’s relatively easy to set up, and, for light-medium Plex users, it should suffice. It assumes you’ve already set up the libraries for the Inky pHAT (which takes 5 minutes tops! Check Pimoroni’s latest installation guide for advice). You can then use crontab to set up a schedule to run on, and you’ve now got an updating graph!

It’s not the prettiest but, it works very well for me and I now have a cute little graph that’s easy to read!

- Vallerie


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